Local sections

From 2010 local sections have been established, working together with the national headquarters and organising activities for libraries, schools, museums and companies.


In 2012 the local Tuscany section of Artebambini was born, giving the opportunity to organise specific activities in the local area through educational and cultural activities for children and young people, at nursery schools, pre-schools, primary and secondary schools.
The Tuscany section organises workshops in libraries, museums and galleries in order to put children and adults at the centre of educational and cultural active experiences. Training courses and pedagogical consultancy are also offered.

In 2014 the Lop Lop space was open, core of the didactics of the L.U.C.C.A museum, training centre of Artebambini and bookshop. The municipalities working at the moment with the Tuscany section are: the municipality of Livorno, the municipality of Castagneto Carducci, the municipality of Lucca and the Union of Municipalities of Garfagnana.

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Tuscany Section
Local Manager: Giulia Beghè
Via Pierluigi Viola, 23
57016 Rosignano S. (LI)


Artebambini Trentino since 2015 presents, together with the national headquarters, a vast programme of events with workshops for schools of each grade, inspired by the world and language of art, to imagine, know and discover by doing; moments of active didactics and workshops in libraries, bookshops, museums, to put children and adults at the core of new and creative educational and cultural experiences; training courses accredited by M.I.U.R for those working in schools and in the field of education; partnership opportunities for museums, libraries, companies, public authorities; conferences, seminars, art meetings as opportunities of cultural promotion and much more.
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Trentino Alto Adige Section
Local Manager: Ylenia Angeli
Via Trento, 3
38049 Vigolo Vattaro (TN)