Mauro Speraggi

Pedagogist, Psychometrics expert
Co-founder Artebambini
RivistaDADA head editor

Mauro Speraggi was born in Torino in 1957.
In 1985 he graduated with highest honours in Pedagogy (Milano, Università Cattolica), with a specialization in Psychometrics, focusing his interests on the pedagogic, educational importance of playing.
He worked many years as an educator in the CEMEA (Centres for Exercise Active Pedagogy Methods), conducting more than 100 workshops, both national and international, in the social, educational and sanitary fields since 1982. He was manager of the educational department of the CIGI (Italian Committee of Children Games) and organises stages and workshops for cultural professionals in Berlin, Barcelona, Paris and Hamburg. He contributed to the design of different locations (libraries, schools, …) and leaded residential educational experiences in Brescia and Milan. During those years, he conducted also many summer activities for the Italian Ministry and for the Olivetti Society.
From 2009 Speraggi has been part of the scientific committee of the Artoteca in Cavriago (Reggio Emilia), first service to allow people to borrow artworks in Italy.
He co-founded the Educational Activity Association and in 2000 he co-founded Edizioni Artebambini with his associate Paola Ciarcià. 
Speraggi plans and conducts training courses for teachers and educators, acknowledged by the Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research, as well as workshops for children in schools, libraries and other locations. He is a publisher, the RivistaDADA (European Art magazine) head editor and curator of the project “Kamishibai – Narrative Cases”.