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  • Schermata 2022 03 15 alle 11.33.42

    Under the Moon

    While the world spins madly on and we always seem to be in a hurry, to stay with our children “under the moon” gets more and more important. Through t..
  • strano stranissimo volume copertina libro

    Weird, Very Weird!!

    When we arrive in a place we don’t know, it is usual to feel like strangers, to be disoriented… actually, it is usual to feel weird, very weird! But i..
  • arte dasporto copertina corretta STAMPA

    Takeaway Art Woman

    We are so not used to know some great artists… just because they were women! Yet, some of their ideas are gorgeous and deserve some more attention: th..
  • La mia mano Lib Cop

    My Hand

    With my hand I can caress, offer a kind gesture to someone, play, colour, create unimaginable artworks… Our hands are an instrument of peace! What kin..

    Takeaway Art

    Art is not just something reserved for “experts”: it is a pretext that helps us playing, learning, and understanding. This book suggests workshops and..
  • Una storia Cop sf

    A Story

    There is a town where water arrives only from far away, taken on the shoulders by the inhabitans. But Antonio, nicknamed “The Wanderer”, has a dream: ..
  • Arte per crescere cop

    Art to Grow Up

    The children must get in touch with Art, according to Dewey, passing through experience. This book is a sort of primer: it faces the world of Art thro..