New Publications


    Carpe diem

    Who’s to say that leaning math is a boring and solitary exercise? Four special “in shape” friends will lead us to the discovery of geometric shapes, t..
  • La mia mano Lib Cop

    My Hand

    With my hand I can caress, offer a kind gesture to someone, play, colour, create unimaginable artworks… Our hands are an instrument of peace! What kin..

    Takeaway Art

    Art is not just something reserved for “experts”: it is a pretext that helps us playing, learning, and understanding. This book suggests workshops and..
  • Una storia Cop sf

    A Story

    There is a town where water arrives only from far away, taken on the shoulders by the inhabitans. But Antonio, nicknamed “The Wanderer”, has a dream: ..
  • sotto luna cop

    Under the Moon

    While the world spins madly on and we always seem to be in a hurry, to stay with our children “under the moon” gets more and more important. Through t..
  • Arte per crescere cop

    Art to Grow Up

    The children must get in touch with Art, according to Dewey, passing through experience. This book is a sort of primer: it faces the world of Art thro..