We publish RIVISTADADA, the first art magazine in Europe that invites the readers to discover artists, cultural movements, Art History periods and actuality themes, reporting experiences, stories, workshops, interviews sand researches. 


Each number of RIVISTADADA consists of 52 multidisciplinary and colour pages, based on specific themes. There you can find interviews and reportages about artists, designers, writers and sculptors, but also Art History sections and our experiences in schools and museums. DADA was given a prize in 2000 at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair in the “Initiation to Art” category.

» Why an art magazine for children?

Before Dada there were no art magazines especially designed for children. However art education should start with childhood, as an opportunity to find, learn and create.

» Why choosing DADA for a title?

The title is a tribute to one of the most significant art movements of the last century: a short-lived movement, but really important for its innovative ideas, its generosity, its revolutionary action towards academicism and the participation of young artists. Tristan Tzara, one of the founders of the DADA movement, was 19 in 1916! DADA was one of the first movement to cross the borders and gathered together different sensibilities. The magazine too as this same aim, which is to open up and diffuse the knowledge of European experiences.