About us

Artebambini designs high quality publications for children and young people and collaborates with museums, galleries, cultural institutions and offers training courses for teachers and cultural educators.

Edizioni Artebambini, with more than 30 years of experience in the domain of training and education, promotes and organizes seminars, meetings, art exhibitions, masters and international conferences. 

Artebambini publishing house has been acknowledged as an accredited body for the training of school employees by the Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR).

This important recognition given by MIUR is the guarantee of the high and constant quality of the initiatives promoted by Artebambini publishing house, as well as of its high professionalism, experience, competence and ability to innovate.

Thanks to its experts and a strong collaboration with teachers, it leads pedagogical activities in schools of every grade, museums and libraries. In particular it offers:

  • School Projects, based on workshops, that can be integrated within the curriculum and that are designed for pre-schools, primary and secondary schools;
  • Moments of active didactic works and workshops in libraries, museums, galleries, in order to put children and adults alike at the core of cultural and active experiences;
  • Consultancy and design of educational services and areas for children within scholastic libraries, reading centres, play centres, schools and museums;
  • Training for people who work in the social and educational sectors and want to improve their professional competences. Courses can be organised on request from cooperatives, groups, and companies.

The editorial activity, coming as a consequence of the training and education activity, is inspired by the methods of active pedagogy and keeps constant links with the educational and cultural bodies in Italy and abroad.
Edizioni Artebambini is a publishing house offering children and young people Picture Books approaching art in a playful and friendly way.

It also publishes books for adults like the collection Books to grow up, where you can find themed working ideas giving children and adults the opportunity to play, learn, and tell stories in a unique and funny way. All of the books published by Edizioni Artebambini are of an excellent quality thanks to the collaboration with famous authors and illustrators. Art is at the core of each of our projects and it becomes the cornerstone and the point of equilibrium.

Artebambini publishes RIVISTADADA, the first european art magazine inviting readers to discover artists, cultural movements, periods of History of art and contemporary issues, writing about experiences, stories, workshops and researches.