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Edizioni Artebambini is a publishing house that presents, for children and teenagers, illustrated books that approach Art in a confidential and recreational way. It publishes RivistaDADA, the first European Art magazine that invites the readers to discover artists, cultural movements, Art History periods and actuality themes, reporting experiences, tales, atelier, attestations and researches.

You can require information about the availability of the rights of every book and any other technical information.

Edizioni Artebambini
Via del Gandolfo, 5G - 40053 BAZZANO (BO)
Tel: 051 830990 - Fax: 051 839457
e-mail: o

We are represented in France, Germany, Japan, Turkey, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Latin America, Korea, East European countries, Russia and ex-Soviet republics by:

AC2 Literary Agency
via de Mandelo 14
I - 35124 Padova

We are represented in China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and other Chinese speaking territories by:

Sara Wang
Founder & CEO 
2504 A, Wisdom Plaza, No.38
XueYuan South Road, Haidian District, Beijing, China 100082
Skype: shaohuawang313

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